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Welcome to Bluebonnet Season

To answer your question…yes. We have bluebonnets. And they look amazing. We’re taking our Texas squats and sharing photos with friends and family.

In this post, we talk about all the ways you can enjoy bluebonnets on and around the farm. Including, The Official Bluebonnet Festival of Texas happening in nearby Chappell Hill on April 13 & 14th.

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Growing Amaranth in Texas: A Beautiful, Gluten-Free Superfood

Add this bountiful beauty to your Texas garden. Join StarHill Farms’ head gardener, Jerry Winkelmann as he discusses growing amaranth in this week’s blog post. Amaranth is a nutritious, gluten-free pseudo-grain considered to be a superfood…so why not try to grow it?

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A Trip for Two to StarHill Farms

In this post, “Mrs. Always Right” a.k.a. Lauren, takes you on a trip to the farm, one filled with romance and relaxation. “…StarHill Farms transports you to another world. Yes, it’s Texas—but it’s not the Texas I see on a daily basis (i.e. skyscrapers, traffic, and an overload of concrete). It’s a vast land of quiet beauty that touches your soul the second you hit the dirt road, roll the windows down, and smell the fresh air...”  

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Gardening Tips: Growing Blackberries in Texas

If you like fresh berries, it may be time to grow your own! Think of the endless yummy treats you can have once berry season hits Texas every year. We’ve already started making our blackberry jam and want to inspire you to do the same! In this week’s post, Jerry, our Head Gardener, takes us through the basics of growing blackberries so you can enjoy these sweet gems in your own home garden.

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