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Walking the Garden at StarHill Farms

One of the reasons people come visit StarHill Farms is to get back in touch with nature. Being only an hour and a half from Houston makes this an easy destination to do just that. But, what is a good way to connect once you’re here?

Take a walk in the garden. The farm has several places to stop and take in nature. One of my favorites is the garden. This post walks you through touring the garden and inspires you to plant one of your own.

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Growing Amaranth in Texas: A Beautiful, Gluten-Free Superfood

Add this bountiful beauty to your Texas garden. Join StarHill Farms’ head gardener, Jerry Winkelmann as he discusses growing amaranth in this week’s blog post. Amaranth is a nutritious, gluten-free pseudo-grain considered to be a superfood…so why not try to grow it?

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Gardening Tips: Growing Blackberries in Texas

If you like fresh berries, it may be time to grow your own! Think of the endless yummy treats you can have once berry season hits Texas every year. We’ve already started making our blackberry jam and want to inspire you to do the same! In this week’s post, Jerry, our Head Gardener, takes us through the basics of growing blackberries so you can enjoy these sweet gems in your own home garden.

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Remember what rejuvenation feels like. 

It's funny how our problems shout at us. Struggle! Pain! Complications! Taxes! Work! 

Underneath that shouting is a much softer voice. One that's much more important. It's our truth, resting softly inside, reminding us that we are bigger than our problems. Encouraging us like an infinite blank page. A place where we can write and rewrite the script of our internal being. 

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