Texan Wedding Boots and the Hunt to Find Them

Cowgirl boots go with anything.

These boots were made for...

well, anything.

There's something special about being a Texan. Somehow, regardless of your cowgirl skills, you can pull off cowgirl boots with basically, any outfit...including your wedding gown.

Whether you choose to go with a traditional gown or not, it doesn't matter, those boots will work!

But, wouldn't it be even better if you had a real reason to wear your boots on your big day? If you could wear them while you pick some lavender, ride a horse, kick some mud on your guests? Ok, maybe not the last one, but hey, it's your day! 

Solution: Get married on a farm. #StarHillFarms :)

Here's another question, where can you find some cute new-to-you vintage bridal boots?

texan bridal boots

Down the road from StarHill Farms is Round Top, TX, with several antique shops carrying vintage boots, (Wahoo!) and a special antiques fair featuring a massive, Texas-sized selection of antiques including vintage cowgirl boots.  The Round Top Antiques Fair, which is coming up from Sept. 25-30, 2017, occurs seasonally in the fall, winter and spring. It's hard to miss. You'll see a big red barn and massive parking lots.

Roundtop Antiques Fair Tips:

  • Experts know to bring a cart to carry major hauls.
  • If you're coming in from Houston or Austin, plan to stay and make a weekend out of it.
  • Bring cash and a keen eye. Some vendors will bargain, especially on the last days of the fair. 
  • Like all major shopping trips, it's helpful to have a plan in mind. Imagine the items you want to find, like your cowgirl boots, then go hunting! 

Can't make it to antiques week? Shop from home, at specialty online sellers like Etsy or Poshmark. Virtually trying on items in cyberspace is not the same as the antiques fair, but it gives you a little outlet! If shopping online isn't for you, make sure to plan a visit for next season. Accommodations book up quick, so book ahead to reserve your spot at the farm.

Oh and, bring your boots!

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