Springtime in the Garden at StarHill


It is beginning to look a lot like springtime. That means the garden work is getting busier and busier. This year will be an interesting one. We've got more Blanc du'bois grapes planted this year, and all the old grapes are starting to bud.

We've also got a great new selection of fruit trees in for our enjoyment this year. I think one main goal we have for 2019, is to be more interactive with our guests. Along with adding some new varieties of veggies and a good selection of flowers, we have started to do things so guests are able to browse the garden with ease and be able to be a witness to our progress and the beauty of mother nature. It's still a bit early but we have started planting. We've got some snap peas poking their heads out, and a bed of potatoes getting settled.

Come enjoy nature with us here at StarHill. Now it's easier to find what's what with our new rock garden markers. We will see how these pretty painted rocks stand up to the summer sun this year. Boy I like spring, and it's only just beginning. Stay tuned to find out what we will be planting next!