Mothers and Mother Earth - A Gardener's Perspective

Lavender Growing on the Farm.

As we go through our daily lives, doing this and that, going to and fro, we do our best to stay in control. We know what needs to be done and we do it how we see fit. Once and a while though, we are reminded that, in all reality, we are not in control. Yes, we have free will, but we are subject to the laws of nature and this planet. It is our Mother Earth who knows how to take care of us, and it is us who usually tends to not listen or pay attention. After so long our Mother sets us straight. My experience this year was just that.

It was the beginning of March and time to plant again for the spring. I had everything mapped out and organized. I got all the beds ready, got all my seeds together, I was ready to plant. I had everything the way I wanted. All the seeds got planted and soon things began to sprout. The temperature was in the 70s, and we had adequate rainfall. I was set! Then one weekend we went from 75 to 35. Ouch... Okay, no problem, we lost a few plants. Temps were back up and I began to see new growth. Two weeks later, BAM! Another weekend with lows in the 30s. This time it hurt. The garden looked bad. It upset me to know now I'm behind and have to replant half of what I had originally planted. Then, one day in the midst of everything, the light came on in my head. "Everything is ok. Everything is going the way it should."

On a cold day at the farm, steam rises off the pond.

On a cold day at the farm, steam rises off the pond.

I thought I was ready, but Mother Earth was not. She wanted me to be patient and to surrender. It wasn't time to plant this year yet, and now I have to redo what I thought was right. Well, I replanted and now the garden looks absolutely beautiful. It's funny to see who the real teachers are in our lives. As this Mother's Day passes we must learn to stop, let go, and realize we aren't in control. Just as our Earthly mothers took care of us, nurtured us, and taught us about life, our Mother Earth cares for all life, and has the ability to sustain us all. We as a people must learn to let go of ourselves, and learn to listen to what our Mother has in store for us. If it weren't for our mothers, we wouldn't be here..... 

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you mommas, and thank you. Thank you Mother Earth for giving us all the opportunity to live, learn, grow, and love in the most divinely beautiful place made just for us.