Walking the Garden at StarHill Farms

Looks what’s spouting at the farm!

Looks what’s spouting at the farm!

Get in touch with nature.

One of the reasons people come visit StarHill Farms is to get back in touch with nature. Being only an hour and a half from Houston makes this an easy destination to do just that. But, what is a good way to connect once you’re here?

Walking the farm is about the easiest way. We have several trails to follow (see this map) that span the entire property. One little gem to stop at is our garden. Many notice the lavender blooming or the grapes on the vines in the vineyard attached to it, but often, people forget that it’s part of the total Texas farm experience we offer. Feel free to wander in the gard and take a look at what’s growing. If you see our head gardener, Jerry, out there, be sure to say hi, and ask him any questions about what you’re seeing. In fact, if you see something ripe and ready, pick it, take it with you and enjoy your own farm-to-table experience.

Do you know what your food looks like?

It’s no surprise that we have a garden on a farm. But what is surprising is how little most of us know about the food we eat. Follow our blog to learn more about vegetables to plant in Texas, and how to start gardening yourself.

Get inspired.

Get inspired and visit other local gardens for ideas of what to plant in your home garden. Find out about local farmers markets in your area, and take a peek there, too. We often post about nearby Bellville Farmers Market, which occurs on first Saturday’s between February to May of each year.

We are constantly experimenting with new crops and learning new things. If you’d like a private tour with our head gardener, let us know beforehand, so we can make arrangements.

During a recent business retreat at the farm, where the StarHill Farms’ Creative Team talked about new ideas for 2019, we took a tour with Jerry ourselves (see photo gallery above.) What an experience! I’m thinking of all sorts of veggies to grow this year. I never would have thought of pomegranates!

Thanks for reading. Contact us to book a stay and visit the garden! :)