The Beauty-Vortex Effect and Edible Bluebonnets


I love to hear from people who visit the farm for the first time...


They all seem to have the same thought: It's really real!

I think we’ve created a sort of beauty vortex here. There's not one staged area where it's picturesque—it's everywhere you look! 

You get caught up in it. The romantic cabins, the wide-open spaces, the prolific bluebonnets, the regal longhorns, the wistful horses...You spend enough time here and you start thinking it’s normal.

Then you go home.

You pull up your photo album and just stare. Where was I?? It’s like you’re looking at scenes from some Southern Rom Com or an HGTV Pinterest post that was just brought to life. I've decided to call this, The Beauty-Vortex Effect.

The Beauty-Vortex Effect & Wedding Portraits


We recently had the pleasure of having a couple take portraits at the farm. We gathered a few of our favorite heart-centered vendors and spent an evening taking photos and having fun.

Given my self-proclaimed knowledge of the Beauty-Vortex Effect, it was of no surprise when Gary Blake, the wedding photographer who took these amazing photos, shared this: 

In this photography business of mine I have been to so many amazing places, but this farm might be the most beautiful spot I have ever been.  There is nothing quite like rolling green Texas hills covered in the brilliant splashes of red, blue, and yellow wildflowers. The farm has towering old oak trees, sweet cows with their calves, and the most peaceful and well-maintained houses and cabins.

Everything came out beautifully, thanks to the organization and execution from our staff and the vendors chosen to bring it all together. (See the full list at the bottom of this post.) The bluebonnets were blooming and it made me want to run through the field singing à la The Sound of Music….except the music would probably be a country song and I’d definitely be in boots.

Walking through the wildflowers.

Walking through the wildflowers.

The couple at a bridge located on one of our Hiking Trails.

The couple at a bridge located on one of our Hiking Trails.

Are bluebonnets edible? I want to take a bite out of these photos. If I did, I’d be wearing a summer lipstick shade from Pop of Pink Cosmetics. Big thank you to Stacy at Pop of Pink Cosmetics for doing makeup for this wedding portrait session and being one of our preferred wedding vendors.


And who's to say the bluebonnets aren’t enough? Well, a florist for one. :) If you’re crazy for floral, we recommend calling Missy with  Moosefeathers Florist, a local floral shop that can make a fence line look like a gateway to heaven.


The horses, as always, are a benefit of coming to the farm. As well as the cows. But yes, big thanks to the farm animal family for smiling and not eating any of the bluebonnets before Gary took these photos.

As we begin offering more weddings at the farm, we keep an eye on all the details, maintaining that Beauty-Vortex Effect.  We also team up with kind, trustworthy vendors to make everything extra easy on your Big Day.

Vendor List:

Photographer: Gary Blake Photography

Florist: Missy Robinson with Moosefeathers Florist

Makeup: Stacy Okonski with Pop of Pink Cosmetics

Hair: Trisha Benoit with BLJE Salon