Mastering the Cucuzza

Upclose view of the Cucuzza Squash

Every season I try to add something new to the garden, something new to try, or something new to challenge my abilities. This year, one addition that has been a definite hit with everyone that has seen it, is the cucuzza squash. Attracted by the title, cucuzza means 'super long squash.' It is a favorite of the Sicilians. The size can range from 18 inches to over 2 feet! The vines are nice and soft, and they produce beautiful little white flowers.

My wife and I received a handful of seeds from our master gardeners course, and we just had to try it. Her vines are trellised vertically and the fruits are nice and straight. I chose to grow on the ground, and my fruits look like large green pretzels. It is considered a summer squash and most related the calabash. The cucuzza can be cooked just the same as any other squash, and is a tasty and beautiful addition to any garden. I must say I will definitely grow it again, will you?